Part No: YTTR / YTTC

Size: Customize Requested

L: Customize Requested

Material: Iron Powder Core, Ferrite Core



  1. Product series
  2. Dimensions, Core material No. or Core size
  3. Inductance
  4. Tolerance: J:±5%, K:±10%, L:±15%, M:±20%

*Packing: Bulk


YTTR Type: The toroidal coils (Ring Coils) are made of ferrite cores

                  Sample: YTTR221408-681M=FERRITE TOROID CORES
                  ∅22×14×8-680µH±20%-bulk packing.


YTTC Type: The toroidal coils are made of iron powder cores

                  Sample: YTTC 5026-101K=IRON POWDER TOROID CORES NO:
                  5026-100µH±10%-bulk packing.



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Toroidal Coils

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